Your go to no-code platform for quickly deploying and managing general purpose legos of any crypto product such as IDOs, Pre-sales, Token vesting schedules, Staking, Farming, and much more!

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Fully audited

All of our contracts are audited by Quillhash audits.


We are available on most EVM chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalance, MoonBeam.

Strong referral system

Earn upto 20% for referral of a project to Dapp Factory.

(SDK available)

Quickly integrate contracts within a customised UI
Create contracts from 3rd party apps.


Services like Staking Pools, Vesting schedules, Lockers & NFTs can be created without any permission.


We provide the most budget friendly rates in the market.

100% no-code

Dapp Factor allows you to deploy contracts with zero knowledge of coding.

Multiple ready made templates

Plug-and-play architecture to support multiple types of contracts for the same service.


“DappFactory team were excellent”

They anticipated our needs, were responsive and communicative, and delivered a high-quality result exactly in line with our specifications. It's worth noting in particular that the team were able to identify and solve several problems before they were apparent, and implemented best-practice solutions across the board - providing us with options we weren't previously aware of. We highly recommend the DappFactory and look forward to working with them again

Jarrad (CEO)

“Cheap & Secure”

Deploying investor vesting contracts using DappFactory is one of the cheapest and secure ways to start your project

KNIT Finance
Sainath Gupta (CEO)

“DF team built & launched pools in a short period of time”

It was a pleasure working with the entire DappFactory team. They were able to build & launch multiple Staking Pools on Polygon and BSC in short period of time. UI looks and works beautifully. I would definitely recommend DappFactory to my network for saving resources and focusing on your expertise!

Sushant (CTO)



  • Export the entire component.

  • Export only a single button which upon clicked, opens the modal and takes over the entire workflow.

  • Ability to control the styles and CSS.

  • Export only the bare minimum backbone logic and functions so that projects can fully control the UI and UX.

  • DEXs can create their own Build-Your-Own-Farm feature.

  • SDK can be used to create your own Launchpad or NFT Launchpad.

Supported Blockchains

Originally deployed on the Ethereum network, our services are now operational on multiple chains, allowing projects, communities and token developers to utilize the suitable tools for them.

We believe the future of the entire cryptocurrency industry is multi-chain.

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